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Hurricane Damage
  • Hail

  • Wind damage

  • Tree damage

  • Tornado damage

New palrsgrapg or info:

Let JoNick navigate the insurance process for you and aid in getting your home back to where it was befo re the storm. JoNick can take your insurance claim from A-Z. Reach out today to see if your home has suffered damage from hail or wind damage!

Strom Restoration Process

JoNick will do a free assessment of any storm damage at your property

If damage is present, JoNick will work with the homeowner to file a claim

Insurance adjustor will meet with JoNick team to assess your damage

insurance adjuster will send over a claim summary

we will ensure your claim summary represents the damage you suffer at your home

JoNick will compete the work on your property and ensure you get all damage property repaired

Get Your Project Started Today

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