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We Offer Different Types of Decks

composite with drink rail.JPG

Composite deck with aluminum guard rails

JoNick installs Trex composite decking offers a great 25 year warranty and great modern look for new or old decks. Composite decks have gained popularity and can fi t many differnt functions and astetic desires.


Cedar deck with aluminum guard rails

Natural Red Cedar with Maintance free guard rail to cut down on t he time needed to maintain your deck.

cedar with aluminum.JPG

Cedar deck with cedar and aluminum spindles

The customer who wants the cedar drink rail but wants to have an aluminum astetic and not maintain the balusters

cedar w. pergola.JPG

Cedar deck with traditional rails

traditional and classic wood deck construction. Hand built guard rails an d spindles.

Luxury Porch


we also construct 3 season porches and 4 season proches. Please reach out for more information.

Process for Decking

JoNick will assess the site and or deck and provide a bid. Some decks we can give preliminary numebrs based off photos and initial conversion

Determine customer needs for layout, decking and guardrails on the structure

JoNick will bid the projects

50% of payment when materials and crew arrives to produce the deck

-25% of payment when we have framed the structure

Framing inspection

JoNick installs the decking and guardrails and competes the project

final 25% payment after the work is completed

Get Your Project Started Today

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